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Locally made on the Gold Coast

Handmade Himalayan Salt Body Scrubs and Luxury Bath Salts. 

Natural, Vegan Friendly, Not Tested on Animals, No Micro Beads 


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SJS Body Salts - Himalayan Salt Body Scrubs are perfectly blended with beneficial and essential oils to give your skin the perfect glow for the lead up to & on your special day!

We only use high quality Essential Oils in our products that are grown to maximise potency and are Certified Pure Tested Grade. Our other ingredients are Coconut, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oils all used to help lock in the moisture without leaving any oily feeling on your skin.


Our Body Scrubs effectively exfoliate & hydrate and will leave your skin feeling soft & smooth. Our Epson Salt based Foot & Bath Soaks will soothe & relieve tire sore feet & bodies. Epson Salts are re-known for their soothing properties. Relieve your aches & pains from any of the wedding planning stress. 

Our bonbonniere are a perfect way to thank your guests and relieve sore feet after a night on the dance floor. Himalayan Salt is high in minerals & absorbs easily into our skin.

Simply choose the box you like & decide on the filling. Multiple choices are dependant on the quantity you order. We also can personalise these with gift tags available. 

We know some of you like to DIY with personal touches to your wedding plans. For that reason, we have created a DIY Bonboniere Kit. Have a night in with the girls as you create your favours together. This Kit includes, boxes, all ingredients and instructions to make the fillings. The easy sealed bags & labels & optional gift tags which can be pre-printed or you can choose to hand write messages yourself for each of your wedding guests. 

We have chosen a number of blends for both our Body Scrubs & Bath Salts for their special properties & benefits. 

Citrus - Uplifting & Purifying 

Rosemary - Rich in antioxidants 

Lavender - Calming & Relaxing 

Ginger - Spicy & Sweet aroma creates energy & great to relax muscles after exercise 

Frankincense - King of Oils - Cellular health & Uplifting 

Peppermint - Great for digestion, Soothes & cooling effect & Uplifting & Headache relief

If you want to learn more about the health benefits of Essential Oils please contact me for more information. 

Our Blends: 

Coconut & Lime 

Lavender & Rosemary

Frankincense & Wild Orange

Ginger & Grapefruit

Lemon & Ginger 

Lemon Lime & Orange


Geranium & Ylang Ylang 

Others by request

Prices start from $5 inc GST - We cater for all orders small & large & deliver Australia wide - Orders over $200 is inclusive of delivery -Mention GCBT25 to get 10% off 

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Body Scrubs
Body Scrubs